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chaos_magic_uk's Journal

UK Chaotes
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This community is for those in the UK that practice magick using a Chaos perspective. Members are encouraged to discuss all aspects of their practice, share ideas, network for possible group experiments, post sigils (behind lj-cuts please). We would prefer it if people did not lurk as an inactive community is no longer a community. Chaos magic beginners are welcome, encouraged even. Oh and non-UK residents can join in but the main idea is for news and views from the UK perspective to be presented.

There are a few rules to keep things manageable:

1) No unauthorised spam! any advertising is to passed by tao_ov_dreaming before being allowed.

2) Be nice! Manners don't cost anything. Insults cost you posting access.

3) Introductions! If you join at least say something and make it about yourself and magic

4) Post! Long post and images go behind an LJ-cut and anything not work safe must be stated as such

That's it! Any problems contact: tao_ov_dreaming

Hail Eris!
Hail Baphomet!
Hail Nyarlathotep!

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