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The IOT in the UK [Sep. 17th, 2007|11:02 pm]
UK Chaotes
Is anyone a member of the IOT here in the UK, or even more specifically London?

I am interested in joining but I'm not certain if the 6 months of Liber MMM work starts before or after you contact them about becoming a member.

If anyone is a personal member and would be happy to talk to me about the IOT in general, I would be grateful. Thanks.
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Jewlery joke [Aug. 8th, 2007|08:41 am]
UK Chaotes
well I had been looking to get a decent chaos star, just to put a few backs out of joint with something I am working on atm, it seems however that only Alchemy are doing them in the uk at the moment, and quite frankly unless they are transported from the far east by chaos butterfly I aint interested! the others I have seen in the UK are Dire, any suggestions?
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elecriticy in the astral planes? [Apr. 4th, 2007|07:22 pm]
UK Chaotes

I had a strong warning in my dream to watch out and stay away from electricity in the astral.

Does anyone have any idea what it means?

I cant project anymore and I think I need figure this out before I can again.
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psychic/transformation formula [Feb. 23rd, 2007|07:20 pm]
UK Chaotes

This is a formula for a psychic oil. I don’t know why I had to dream it some complicated… The method was taught to me by an old crone in a cave I visit sometimes in my dreams. She is kind of scary but very firm - a strong taskmaster and teacher. I thought she was a past life until my most recent dreams. I think she is a very bossy spirit guide or teacher. Or maybe even the crone deity – that I am not sure, as she has never given me her name. I don’t think so, though. As I always thought she was either a member of the sidhe, or she had entered one of their mounds and never again walked the earth.
She always is in an underground mound, in a cave, but the mound is covered in grass and is not terribly large on the outside. The mound is in the north of the country, or part of the north in the elemental direction.

The oil is to make a psychic-transformation oils. I had this dream several times in a row… including some really rare stones that I had never heard of before my dream…. With 7 stones ending with ite, 7 herbs and 7 oil essensces (I had only heard of moldavite before this, and I have had these dreams since wearing the moldavite – which is where I think it came from.

The method of making the oils themselves is also fairly complicated, but I don't want to bore you too much.

3 dreams, 3 types of ingredients, 7 of each.

What do you think of this? Has anyone had a complete preperation come to you in a dream?

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fire and brimstone [Feb. 16th, 2007|05:37 am]
UK Chaotes

One correspondence that I really do not understand is sulfur (brimstone). It frequently is used for purification and exorcism. Yet, it is also associated with demons and hell (apparently the place is loaded with the stuff!)
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Limbo week and thoughts on Christmas tradition [Dec. 26th, 2006|06:41 am]
UK Chaotes

I am getting ready for work this morning wishing I could at least wear sneakers or something. Most people are off this week, so it is not a bad week to work. In, out, no drama. I never take off because I don't have kids, so it is my little way of giving to another person with less seniority and children. This is a holiday for the kids, after all, in the secular sense.

Some people think I am a bit of a scrooge, but really they are quite wrong. I just on principle try to avoid the more expected gestures, and instead give up my vacation for another. I never tell them, either, as it might taint the gesture for them if they feel a little bad about it.

People will be bringing in lots of food this week in a bad attempt to not all eat the stuff and to limit the damage to their waists. This attempt will fail miserably, of course, because they will console their fat feelings with different treats.

People who really know me also know that I celebrated Yule at home, not Christmas. But I also love midnight mass on Christmas Eve. I love the music and the candles. Most C and E Christians go to the morning service the next day.

The midnight mass is peaceful. I think I would have never left the church if I could have always gone at midnight. There are less random thoughts of stress from the daily lives intruding. The beauty of ritual and music takes on a life of its own at midnight.

The ritual and beauty distracts me from thoughts that the Christians for years despised celebrating Christmas. Jesus is NOT the reason for the Season, as they love to self righteously proclaim. If they were at all educated, the would realize the invented the holiday, moving the birth from spring to winter solstice to compete with the pagans who were having so much fun and joy during the season of darkness. It amazes me how so many folks can recite with pure rote memory the words of the bible, but fail so miserably at understanding the words, the context or the history of why the words are phrased as just so, manipulated by the brilliant Shakespearean writes hired by King James.

The reason for the season, even as intended by the church when they declared it to be so, was precisely to celebrate the season itself. The birth is just the excuse. I choose to celebrate the SEASON with great love and ZEAL. I will even happily call it Christmas, warmed by knowing the irony of a ‘pagan’ wishing a ‘Christian’ a Merry Christmas.
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A question to the enlightened masses *runs [Dec. 25th, 2006|09:59 am]
UK Chaotes
To the Philosophical Satanist, a person is his own god. ... This type of Satanism is based on the philosophy of Anton LaVey as outlined in The Satanic Bible Taken from Wiki...

Now let us look at the Personal Guardian Angel... Hmmn its not so hard to see why we have drawn a lot of flack from the average pagan that can't read outside the box or between the lines is it.

For reference My definition of PGA is quite simple: The PGA is actually a control mechanism that stops the living mind/body construct from overloading and leading to death, take for example near death experiences, where people have seen white light and a tunnel, in hospital, is this actually a Doctors torch checking on the pupils? How hard is it to will ones self to stop breathing and just drift into unconciousness? once there though what happens? the PGA takes over, and breathing is Normally resumed

Another example I was thinking about have you tried to get realy drunk, and not even managed to get even slightly tipsy? when realy you should be in a coma somewhere? why does this happen, and what purpose does it serve? Ditto Chemognosis, sometimes it just doesn't work

Anyways I've rambled enough, and theres never enough convo on this community, so there you have my thought of the day
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NEWS- Pagan holiday: Flier policy inspires non-Christians [Dec. 12th, 2006|07:59 pm]
UK Chaotes


Makes me almost willing to come out of the pagan closet at work... almost... they are still adapting to the paranormal investigator concept. I work in Albemarle county.

NEWS- Pagan holiday: Flier policy inspires non-Christians

Published December 7, 2006 in issue 0549 of the HooK.


Veronica Michaelsen would prefer that Albemarle County schools not send fliers from any religious groups home with school kids via "backpack mail." But after the Albemarle School Board, faced with a Constitutional challenge, approved mailings from all nonprofits, including religions, Michaelsen and her fellow NatureSpirit worshippers decided to use the system to educate others about their beliefs.

And so the first mailing from pagans went home with Albemarle children last week.

Adorned with a cross, a Star of David, and a pentagram, the flyer invited recipients to learn about December traditions on December 9, followed by a "Pagan ritual to celebrate Yule."

The calls from concerned parents began almost immediately.

Former Republican city councilor Rob Schilling, now a host on WINA radio's morning show, went to the NatureSpirit website after hearing about the flyer.

"They're talking about witchcraft and magic. Is this appropriate to be sending home with school children?" he asked on his December 5 show.

People who called the show were disturbed to see the Christian and Jewish symbols displayed with the pentagram, says Schilling.

NatureSpirit, a worship group at Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church, believes nature is an important part of spirituality, according to the group's founder, Lonnie Murray.

The group includes Wiccans, but NatureSpirit is not a bunch of witches, clarifies Murray-- not that there's anything wrong with witches, he adds.

So why would an offshoot of the admittedly liberal congregation decide to promote paganism in public schools?

"I grew up in this county," says Murray. "I know how difficult it is for any minority student. There's a lot of pressure to conform... We have a fair number of young pagans in our group."

Murray says the flier sends a message of "diversity, not of proselytization." He's reassured one upset parent that pagans are not "anti-Christian."

Jefferson Park Baptist Church Pastor Jeff Riddle posted the flier on his blog, and notes the zeal of pagans to "take back" Christmas.

"If the school allows the Baptist or Methodist church to send home a note to its students about Vacation Bible School, it also has to allow the Unitarian Church to send home a note about its 'Pagan ritual to celebrate Yule,' Riddle warns. "Conservative Christians who want to 'put prayer back in school' had better realize that it might not always be a Christian who is leading the prayers."

The point of his blog posting, says Riddle, is less to debate the school policy than to "encourage evangelical Christians to think about alternative education, given that you can't count on public schools to reinforce what we think is important."

The Riddle children are home schooled. "In public school, you can't refer to the Biblical authority-- and I'm not sure they should," Riddle notes.

Albemarle opened the doors to religious nonprofits this fall after a demand from conservative Christian-backed group, Liberty Counsel. Diane Behrens, the county official in charge of approving fliers, has seen two or three religious flyers go in backpack mail so far this year.

"I wouldn't say I've had an increase," says Behrens. Under the old policy, she would have denied religious-themed fliers; now they're approved. She's had three or four phone calls about the pagan flier.

"I reiterate that we cannot discriminate on witch fliers as long as they're not discriminatory or lewd," she says.

And the fliers carry a disclaimer that Albemarle neither endorses nor pays for the message.

"Overall, the response has been positive," says Murray. "It speaks well of Albemarle County and the area that there's so much tolerance for diversity."

Still, Murray hesitates to announce his religion to the world. "As a minority, non-proselytizing religion, even with adults who are doctors, scientists... there's always a bit of fear. It takes courage to come out and say it."

NatureSpirit founder Lonnie Murray and member Veronica Michaelsen want to educate Albemarle school children about paganism with a December 9 winter solstice program at Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church.
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"fairy" orb [Aug. 27th, 2006|05:48 pm]
UK Chaotes

Ok, it is in all probablity a bug. I did get this REALLY strange picture of a fairy like shape. I am going to post that one seperately because I dont want to have the ones that are in the realm of being orbs being discounted by the others.

It is cool looking though.

This is a close up of the "fairy"

Close up of the red balls in the same photo

This last photo was taken at a time when we were getting no readins on the EMF meter.
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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2006|02:17 pm]
UK Chaotes

If you kids can't play nice please go and have your pissing contests elsewhere.

Thank you.
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