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Magic the Gathering: chaos divination method + invoking D&D gods [Jan. 24th, 2009|11:04 pm]
UK Chaotes

For a while I've had an idea of creating a divination/oracle deck from Magic the Gathering cards. There are thousands of them and some of them have very good titles/images which would be interesting answers to questions. Think of it like a possible fantasy tarot deck but with tens of thousands of cards instead of just 78.

Well, I've yet to put together an actual deck of suitable cards, which would take some effort and money... but in the mean time, I've found an interesting way to test this out.

There is an online card database which has every card from the game, and it has a "Random Card" feature. I've been playing around with this for a few minutes and the results are promising. I already got cards called "Shatter" and "Punish Ignorance" which clearly could be good answers depending on the questions asked. So who knows how many possibilities there are.
Of course you may get total nonsense/crap cards, like characters of some sort (or perhaps these could be interpreted like tarot court cards from their apparent personalities/appearance)?

Here's the link to the card database (click the blue "Random Card" link). Try this out, have fun with it... comment with your thoughts and any interesting results!

Or perhaps some of you may have other unusual/experimental divination techniques to share?

Another idea I've been toying with is invoking some of the deities from the Dungeons and Dragons player's handbook. I figure, these are characters that are well known, occupy brain space in a lot of intelligent/geeky peoples' minds and the religious fervour with which D&D is often played may provide an interesting source of power to these entities that may establish them as sentient spirits/egregores of some kind.

Obviously, invoking D&D gods will be laughable to most, but surely fellow chaotes can see the appeal in this, if one enjoys the aesthetic. An interesting addition to this is that the deities are roughly split up into the Good/Neutral/Evil and Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic character alignments which help flesh out their natures and possible uses. Just think, invoking Boccob god of magic for help with spellwork, Fharlanghn god of roads for travel protection, or Vecna god of secrets to discover hidden.out of sight knowledge...
I wonder how effective this would be. Surely if Cthulhu can be invoked, so can D&D deities!