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strange dreams [Sep. 17th, 2008|07:17 am]
UK Chaotes


I seem to be picking up not only my dreams, but those of my dogs and my husband and my nieighbors the last couple of nights. They make now sense and include people and places I have NEVER been to or seen before. I find it very diconcerting and confusing. I do sometimes pick up dreams of friends and families, but never so many at one for so long and in the same dream. I am pretty sure I have never chased small animals or snakes around before, but the colors are flat and the movemenet/motion exagerated. It is all very strange.

I have never had to worry about breaking the cycle before because it was always such a random event. I also don't like it because even though I don't know who the dreams belong to, I feel like a peeping tom in a way.